Step out of your comfort zone each day

New tab extension to break deepest boundaries stopping you from improving coding skills. Set focused daily goals, track progress & organise your upcoming goals all in a tab.Currently in early beta

#100daysofcode with super powers

We build to supercharge our #100daysofcode that was built upon the foundation to be consistent in learning. Keep an eye on the daily goals whenever you visit your new tab. Stay on top of your course and remember the first step - not to quit too early.

Celebrate small wins every day

There are small wins & big wins. Big wins are cumulative of those small wins. Always keep yourself motivated with celebrations of those small wins and share your daily goal with the community & get feedbacks.

Never run out of upcoming tasks

We spend lots of time planning what to do next. Every time it ends up doing random things of lesser value to the end goal. Building a system to analyze what to do next by measuring track & organizing each week helps to learn mistakes faster. Keep an eye on not losing powerup for the next day's task.

Beat your comfort zone frequently

Every day won't be the same. Never stay in the same growth line or comfortable with recent big wins. Record your best moments and remember to beat the last one every single day. Keep track of your best moments always by pinning them down.

the story begins with an idea to improve coding skills one step at a time

We pushed ourself to break our boundaries one at a time

Feeling motivated by the dev twitter community, I have started the #100daysofcode challenge. Few days after the challenge, one thing that struck me most is how do I know myself improving. While #100daysofcode created a framework for self-growth, the part of making the 100 days journey best is upon what I do each day. That's where our product story starts. Raising the question of what if we could help others in discovering the power of self-organizing & improving the efficiency of every day, brings as the product here.

A lot more is around to improve on this idea and we are much excited about the journey ahead. Wish us good luck! - "Rams"

Start building your path to consistency

Currently in early beta.
Privacy focused. No permissions needed from your browser.

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